I spent a little bit of time tonight designing up a windshield for the Exocet. One of the regulations that you have to comply with in CA is having a safety-glass windshield. There have actually been a lot of issues with people cracking them the moment they go out on the road. The best design seems to be Matt in CO’s build so I’m using that as inspiration.

Image: Matt did a good job.

My plan is to CAD it up and send it off to a local fabricator. Cleanly rolling the sheet metal on the top is outside my ability/tools and I’ll have to get a glass shop to do the glass anyways. My CAD skills suck since tonight was the first time I’ve ever used Autodesk Inventor so I’m going to bribe kindly ask someone at work to check over my model.

I used a sharpie and cardboard to get the bend and make some measurements. To my eyes, that bend looks tapered. I don’t know how to measure that or do it Inventor, so that’s one of my questions.

My CAD model doesn’t have the same bend, methinks. It’s maybe too uniform. It may work regardless? Not sure yet.


I’ll also need to drill 2 holes for the windshield wiper - which is another California requirement. Most people put a manual hand wiper, though there’s a 12V wiper on Amazon that would be kind of cool to have on a misty morning ride on the PCH.


If you want to mess with my models, have at it!