A lot of things have happened since I bought my Viper 6 months ago. I finally finished my flight training and received my wings. I’ll be headed up to Whidbey in WA for the E/A-18G FRS. The pic to the left is after landing and finally getting winged. I’m very excited, but the realization of snow hit me like a ton of the white stuff. I decided to get rid of the Viper.

Here is my amazing partner showing all her appreciation for the 4 AM mornings and 12PM nights of studying while she is trying to operate a normal sleep schedule. The champagne toast with some blue angels behind us. I don’t include faces in my Oppo pics since we are here for cars, but I thought these pics were harmless enough.

There are three main reasons to selling the Viper. The car has no cruise control, terrible climate control, it is uncomfortable and I’m about to drive 3,000 miles. The drive would be classified as ring in Dantes Inferno. I can’t DD the car in the winters, and I can’t fit all the things I need for activities in it. I’m sure someone has a Viper roof rack but these things don’t make much sense.


Whidbey is home to mountain biking, kayaking, hiking and fantastic skiing within a reasonable drive. I went car shopping and resigned myself to the fact whatever I get will not satisfy me. My fiancee has a 2012 Golf R and I adore the car so I was okay with getting a truck or subaru. Here is her ‘12 below. There are only two cars, which I would buy and love another s2000, which wouldn’t work in the snow, and a Golf R, which I couldn’t find anywhere.

I headed to the dealership to test drive a Tundra and out of the corner of my eye I saw a 2015 Golf R with the DCC package. I did an even trade right there, and now she has the manual I have the automatic and we both have Golfs. I have no idea how this all happened, but I love this car. She is deciding to trade hers in for the manual when it arrives in the fall. I’m excited for the move, but I’m really getting a kick out of this new Golf.


Now that we have both I’ll do a full comparison writeup. When it snows expect some honing pics because with the touch of a button I can turn all the nannies off and get it sideways. I don’t think this will get as many looks and thumbs up as the Viper. I won’t mind after I’m finished boarding in the back country of whistler and I sit down to a comfortable car that can fit my gear.