Wingtip sunrise

I flew out from El Paso to San Diego this morning on a 6:30 flight. Once we got above the clouds at about 20,000 ft, the view out the window was stunning with the low angle sun illuminating only certain layers of clouds. My phone camera doesn’t do justice to the sight I was treated to this morning.


That we get to ride in a pressurized metal tube at 38,000ft going 475mph (at cruise, I was keeping a GPS track on my phone), and the average person can afford to do so, is proof positive for me that we live in glorious times. I love to fly.

I also saw this place again on landing in San Diego. This weekend should be a lot better than the last the last time in 2006 I was at the airport at o’dark thirty to catch a Southwest flight to San Diego. Bad things happened shortly thereafter involving yellow footprints.

There was a platoon outside the recruit chow hall as we went by. I fell confident saying they weren’t enjoying their Thanksgiving breakfast. To be fair, the animated drill instructor waving his arms and screaming at them probably wasn’t having fun either.


Happy Thanksgiving, Oppo.

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