It’s been an odd Sunday. I got up and weighed myself this morning. I’ve been on a low carb diet for a while and working out like a madman on the bike. Started at almost 190lbs and broke out of the 170's with a 169.8lbs on the scale this morning. I was elated!


I decided to silence a rattle/buzz in the convertible top of my Mustang. It’s been making a decidedly annoying noise with the top up for a few weeks now. It right above the driver’s head and only happens when the top is up (goes without saying, I guess).


If you push on a piece of the trim, the noise goes away. I’ve fixed numerous rattles and buzzes in previous cars, American or Japanese - all modern cars seem afflicted with the dreaded crappy plastic buzz. Frankly, it seemed like this would be an easy win.

I spent all freaking day trying to chase this son-of-a-bitch rattle down and cannot for the life of me figure out where it’s coming from. I used medical tape, felt, hot glue gun, double sided velcro, I pushed, pulled twisted, and begged “Saint Rattle-Trap of Crappy Interiors” to please show mercy on my soul. To no avail. The last thing I did was try to bend one of the metal clips for attaching trim and I bent it into oblivion, then ended up just pulling it out.

Anyway, I’m defeated and now must crawl to the dealer and ask them to fix it. Sigh.

So now I’m having a not-so-low carb beer.

Have some pics of the things in my day.

Hours were spent trying to silence a rattle
Steel is real
Not low carb. And it’s soooo good.
Bear says “we could have been driving all day”

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