Winter Beaters, Let’s Hear It!

I drove my Talon through the snow on Sunday, and let me tell you, high power front wheel drive and coilovers aren’t a good mix in the snow. Not to mention seeing salt all over my clean car makes me want to vomit. I plan to yank the motor for a rebuild in the middle of January, and install my upgraded clutch and other goodies.

That means one thing... I’ll be without a car. It’s time for a dedicated pile that I can use to beat through winter and whenever the DSM feels like breaking potentially.


What are you guys using for a winter slab? Here are my parameters.

Car must be under $2000 dollars.

No rear wheel drive.

Manual transmission option preferred but NOT required.

Fuel economy isn’t important. Reliability is. I don’t want to be wrenching two cars constantly.


Four doors is important.

Aaaaand go.

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