Winter Car (Subaru Edition)

So my DD is an FX50 and I wanted an excuse to pick up a fun Subaru for under $10k, preferably under $8k though.

My main criteria is a Turbo and a Manual Transmission. I’d like to keep it between ‘03 and ‘08, (although there were no manual XT’s after ‘08 anyway) and my ideal choice would be a Forester.

I’m familiar with my options and I have a reputable re-seller/ Subaru shop in my area looking at auctions for me.


Tell me what issues I need to be aware of, other than headgaskets and timing belts. Also, I am open to options outside of Subaru that I hadn’t thought of but I need something AWD, Manual, and Turbo. I don’t want this to be a beater, but I do expect that it will need maintenance over the years.

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