So I am lucky enough to have spare cash and I am looking for a winter car. I'm going to look at cars for $6k, $8k, and $10k to see what my options are. The $10k car is really cutting it close on my budget, so it's gotta be damn good to warrant $10k.

My requirements are: Bugeye Subaru WRX wagon.

Just kidding- although that's what I've been mainly shopping for. My real requirements are that the car must withstand a New England winter, which can be bad as proven by the 3 feet of snow we had in a 24 hour span last year. So I need something 4wd. I also need a car with decent highway gas mileage (30+mpg) because I'll be driving over 60 miles a day just to commute.

That's led me to my decision to get a WRX wagon. I guess it doesn't have to be bugeye, but I really like the bugeye look. I figure I'll shop around until I find something with under 100k miles on the clock. I know I should be looking for a recent timing belt if the mileage is over 100k, so I'm making sure to check for that. I'm trying to only look at adult-owned cars as well- shopping for a wagon should help me with that. Anyone got any tips for buying a WRX or a subie in general? Should I be considering a different car?