So a little while ago I posted this (WInter Car (Subaru Edition) ), and I have an update.

Meet my 2006 Outback XT w/ a manual transmission.

I had a call into a Subaru place out here that deals in used Subarus so they knew what I was looking for. My ideal was a 2006-’08 Forester XT but a Wagon XT with a manual was my second choice.


A few weeks in and I get a call from the shop that one of their customers had this available. His insurance provider totaled his car after two hits by deer in the last year and he was looking to sell it cheap. He was the original owner and this shop had done all of the maintenance on the vehicle, with the documentation to show it. Oil changes with full-synthetic religiously every 3k-ish miles and an engine rebuild at 90k miles. Before I got it they replaced the timing belt and two wheel bearings.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, because originally I told them I was going to pass on the car. Fortunately for me, my wife secretly contacted the shop and with the help of my brother (a Turbo Legacy Owner himself, rebuilt by this shop) purchased the car for me as a Christmas gift.


The car has a dent on each side from different deer running into it, but very minor rust and 189k miles on the body. I’ve been driving it since Christmas as frequently as I can and I haven’t noticed any other issues yet. Not even in 10 degree weather.

Thanks for all the feedback on my last entry. I’m looking forward to all the snows this winter! I’ve deemed this my winter beater (A.K.A- Rally Car).

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