Winter cleaning (and a mini update)

Warm weather and a break from the snow has given me a chance to do and touch up waxing. I still can’t speak highly.enough about triple yellow. More after the jump.

I still want to post a proper review of this car. But it is much harder to do than the fiesta ST. And that car is the reason why....


I like that the FoST isn’t perfect. I don’t care about the small bump it had. I don’t care that it is heavy and kinda bulky compared to the FiST. I love how the ride actually gives a damn about comfort and probably sacrificed some peak speed to do it. At the same.time, the car LOVES to rev up into boost and leave everyone behind. It behaves wonderfully on the snow. It holds lines in curves very obediently and still eggs you on a bit. Not as much as the FiST, but it is very apparent behind the wheel that this car wants to keep its momentum.

It’s an interesting case study as one of the last of the dinosaurs- a big turbo 4 banger FWD hot hatch with little in the way of electrics and a need for a limited slip diff to be perfect.

It’s been 6 months since I bought it and I don’t regret a thing.

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