I was lucky enough to take a small winter break with a group of friends, and over the weekend got to drive some snow mobiles and catch a ride on a frozen lake for some ice racing. All the winter activities were quite novel & enjoyable to this Texas native.

The snow mobiles were from a rental company in Winter Park (so nothing too exotic, just some ski-doo’s), where they had a couple of trails marked out that led you up the side of the mountain to see the Continental Divide. There wasn’t a whole lot of open areas to play around in or do anything too crazy/stupid, but it was still a lot of fun.

On the way down the mountain, I was able to talk the other people in my group to take a little detour to Georgetown Lake to watch the locals partaking in some ice racing out on the frozen lake.


I ventured out onto the ice to get closer to watch and take pictures, and got to meet a nice guy who told me about the event. He then cleaned out his passenger and rear seat to give me and my friend a ride around the lake. Thanks for the ride along Peirce, we really enjoyed our short exposure and hopefully next year I’ll rent a car for taking it out on the ice too.


Shout out to xsnowpig for the link to the ice racing, thanks again.