Fog. Lots of fog. An hour ago, you could not see across the street


I got 270 resumes in a day for my “don’t be an idiot, have computer skills” assistant position. Idiots do not follow directions well, and many idiots without computer skills applied.

I am not really surprised at the number of terrible resumes (although they make me a little sad), I am more surprised at the number of people with degrees and solid skills applying for a $13-$15 per hour entry level job. Hell, I had a paralegal ask for $12 an hour this week - a skilled, revenue generating position. I pay my senior paralegal more than twice that.

I just hired two attorneys because both were too good to say no to, and my mom actually told me not to let talent walk away. Both frankly came cheap based on their salary demands. But I never had two attorney candidates that I felt so good about that I had to hire both. The last few times I hired, I had to take the best of a group that I was unsure about (although I admit it all worked out better than I could have hoped).


In short, this is a really weird job market. Fresno is an unusual market generally, but right now there seems to be a lot of good talent around for cheap, even though unemployment is low. I am not an economist, so I don’t know why, but I presume that it is either Trump or Obama’s fault, and a clear sign of the impending ecomonic apocalypse that we are doomed to experience as a result of Pumpkinhead/Obummer (you choose).

I don’t know if other small business owners in this area are experiencing this. My clients are in ag have an entirely different labor market, so what I see there is different. Is this happening elsewhere?


Sorry if this one bored you. Back to Toby and Sunchaser soon.

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