Winter is...[hang on]

Winter is still here!!! So why is everything on fire?

Smoke from a large bushfire burning in the Bega Valley, southeast NSW, Australia 15th August 2018
Photo: @danstrickaus

South eastern Oz is deep into drought with much of the State having no significant rain since the start of the year and not much in the previous year.


Current forecasts suggest that little rain and high temperatures will be a feature of our coming summer. If we go into next winter like this then our country is in uncharted territory.

What concerns me more at the moment is that a spate of difficult bushfires have kicked off in late Winter on the NSW South Coast.

Now late Winter fires are not unheard of but they are more likely on the North Coast of NSW because it is warmer there and dries out a bit over winter as rainfall there is summer dominant.

This is not a good sign.

And it all hits home because the Boss left this morning as part of a four vehicle fleet and eight person crew from our region to spend a week down there fighting said fires.


The Lad and I are not really looking forward to this fire season...

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