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Winter Mode 85% Achieved

Potato phone pic because work

Despite a busier than expected Thanksgiving weekend I was able to pick up my new snows and mount them and then build the light bar I mocked up the other day.

While the bar is a “good from afar, far from good” type of deal, I did manage to make it out of the one 8ft piece of 1.5" aluminum angle I already had. It’s also sturdier feeling than the bar I made for my last car and can be taken off completely with 6 bolts, which is an improvement. I’m honestly pretty happy with my design, even if the execution leaves a little to be desired. Working in the back yard with no shop vice makes things hard! Dreaming of a house with a garage/shop does help a little while working in the cold, however.


Now I just have to wire the lights up, which I’m calling the remaining 15% of winter mode. Going to make the driving lights work with the high beams, and the fogs an always on/off type of deal. Cleanup and painting of the bar will happen if we get an unseasonably warm day before winter, or else will wait until the spring. I actually don’t hate the unfinished aluminum look, although the plan is to paint it black. Thoughts?

Here’s to hoping the snows prove decent - they are $67 walmart special Nexan Win-Spikes mounted on the 16" Sparco Terras left over from my Saabaru. I usually buy the best snow tires I can, but with budgeting and saving for a house and having 2 cars now to think about this is the best I could do. Tread, rubber softness and siping actually seem fairly decent to me, and the reviews didn’t look terrible for the price. I guess I’ll find out how they do once we get some snow. Bring it on! Weather report was calling for 10" here over the weekend but that changed to rain unfortunately. Happy snonut season everyone!

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