Winter Mode Activated

New 400g insulated, waterproof, slip-resistant boots! I was actually just looking for standard boots to replace a pair of trusty but nearly dead Ariats that I’ve worn daily for over a year when I found these marked way down to $135 at 6pm with only my size left in stock. It’s been dipping into the teens at night already here so I couldn’t pass them up. I’ll find new summer boots later. Fit is great and after wearing them outside a little bit this evening I can confirm that they are indeed sufficiently toasty. I know some of Ariats recent lower-end stuff has been hit or miss, but the quality definitely seems to be there on these. I think the original $200 MSRP is fair and what I paid is looking like a steal. Bring on the snow! Now, I just gotta get through that always rough first week of western boot break-in...


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