I knew it had to happen eventually. The days get shorter, it gets colder, and it’s time to put the ‘67 Cougar up for winter. This doesn’t mean it’ll be under a car cover or tarp, this means the dismantling will begin.

This is the bay the old cat sits in. There are a few environmental upgrades for the garage that are needed first. Number 1, organize. After that, I need better lighting. I have three overhead fluorescent fixtures along the back wall. I need more. If I’m working towards the front of the garage, it gets rather dim. Especially with the doors closed. Which for the most part, they will be, because lastly, I need heat.

My engine bay as it currently sits. I have done nothing mechanically here, other than swapping the alternator and belts. As you can see, the previous owner was nice enough to paint EVERYTHING when they sprayed in here. I think all they masked off were the valve covers and manifold/carb. Nothing much will happen here over the winter other than maintenance items and replacing the recently dead starter. Eventually, this old mill will be replaced, which is why I don’t want to spend much money or time here. It runs strong, has always started, so I’ll leave it be. My plan is to build another engine, and swap it in once it’s complete.


For the next couple of months, interior, suspension, and brakes are where it’s at. I need to restore/replace the seats. I like the parchment color interior, and replacing the seats with new aftermarket seats, without spending a ton of my reupholstering to the correct color, may be cost prohibitive. In that case, new foam and vinyl for the old buckets, and I’ll be good there. I need to repair about a 1'x1' section of floor rot on the passenger side as the result of a windshield leak. Eventually, an OEM non functioning (most likely) radio will go in, as will an amp/Bluetooth setup, and I’ll just use my phone for music. I need a new dash pad, and lots of other odds and ends.

I’ll get a work bonus this year and that will partially pay for: power steering, power brakes (Wilwood disc setup), a complete front end rebuild (OEM components, no street touring setup), new springs front and rear. I’m also replacing the vacuum actuated headlight covers with an electrical motor setup. That should do it, and come April, I’ll have a more comfortable, and safer Cougar.

My mechanical goal was to have everything refreshed within 3 years, I should be right on point for that, and may even wrap that up a year or so early, depending on how crazy I go on engine and transmission.


I’ll finish up a couple of comparison shots, one from the instant it was first parked out front of my old house as mine, and one with how it looks now.