Winter prep work

Cleaned up the garage and the shed today, and rearranged things for winter. Both my scooters will need a bit of work during their slumber. My Zuma 125 needs a new stator, and my Kymco ZX-50 needs a new front tire. Still need to change the oil in the snowblower and get gas for it.

I also put the snow tires on my truck today. It’s a little earlier than usual, but I sure wish I’d had the last week when we got bombed with snow, then plunged into a January-like deep freeze.


I also finally did the smart thing, and pushed this ancient and dangerous torch set my dad was given in the 70's, to the curb for the scrappers. Dad’s gonna be pissed when he finds out it’s gone, but too bad.

Hopefully the rest of the snow melts, before leaf pickup ends for the year.

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