You gotta be a special kind of crazy to go crawling a wrecking yard in the middle of January. Or Canadian.

Although it wasn’t all that bad out there, which was great considering they were saying -40 windchills on the trip there. It was only around -25 or so I think. I was gloves off way more often than I expected to be.


My haul. From left to right, fog light switch and panel that I didn’t really need but I grabbed anyhow because I had to pull it anyway when I was pulling the gauge cluster in the XJ Waggy I pulled the next item from. Fluid Sentry. An old rare option on only the highest trim XJ’s. It monitors the levels of every fluid, even the diffs, with specially mounted senders on everything. I pulled it for someone who just wanted the panel for display reasons. There’s also a clock in the panel. Guy at the counter didn’t know what it was, charged me for a second fog light switch at $2.50. Steal for sure. Next item’s a seat belt receiver, for my MJ, because I’m sick of plugging mine into the passenger side. Last item is a centre console lid for my dad’s ‘02 Envoy. There’s a nub up towards the top in the photo that is critical for latch alignment and this is the first one I’ve seen that isn’t broken, meaning it actually stays shut! I’ve been hunting for this for years. Total paid, $25+tax.

I like this yard. They do have a section where they part out newer vehicles, but anything past a certain age ends up in the back 40 and just sits there forever, so far as I can tell. The yard covers the better part of a quarter section, so a half-mile square. Once you get past the newer stuff (like the 30 year old XJ’s... New...) they’ve got a ton of old iron going back past the 50's, slowly sinking into the willows. If I’ve got more time next time I’m there I’ll take more pictures. There was a beautiful sunset too that I wish I’d snapped, but that told me the yard was closing and I still needed to grab that console lid I’d spotted earlier. My only complaint about the yard is they’re only open bankers hours during the week, meaning it’s difficult for me to get down there.