I posted yesterday about possibly getting some winter tires listed on CL. Pulled the trigger today and tossed them on. I swapped the fronts at work and had to have the shop next door swap the rears. The rear wheels were absolutely nailed to the hubs with corrosion and I couldn’t get them off even with a rubber mallet and literally kicking the tires.

As luck would have it, it’s been wet and cold all day and even started snowing on the way home from picking it up. No accumulation or sticking but I thought it was a decent first test for the used winters.

I was driving with 2 18" wheels/tires in my passenger seat along with two in the back seat so I had to be pretty mindful of speed and change of direction. That, combined with horrific traffic petering out at ~45mph top speed meant that I didn’t get to fully give it the beans. They really did inspire some more confidence on the cold, slick roads and I wasn’t activating the TC in first gear like I could do with ease on my all-seasons.


To me, however, the #1 advantage of these steelies and used tires means I don’t give a damn about potholes anymore. Those 18" Detroits had me wincing and cringing over every crack and imperfection in the road.


Here’s hoping these Craigslist bargain bin guys take me through the winter safe and sound.