Winter Sucks - Broke My Ankle

This picture will not be me for a little while. Ironically it had nothing to do with the Snowpocalypse that just hit New England. I was away for the weekend, and Monday morning I was clearing the snow from Saturday off my car. I slipped on some black ice and twisted my ankle pretty badly as I fell. Fortunately my girlfriend was inside, so I called her out to help, and she took me to the ER. Some X-rays revealed an avulsion fracture, so I'm laid up for 10 days while it heals. And, of course, it's my right foot, so even if I had an automatic I couldn't drive. Not that I'm tackling the slippery parking lot on crutches anyway.

All in all, it could've been a whole lot worse. My people have been taking excellent care of me. Still, winter sucks!!!


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