Swapped out the stock wheels and tires for dedicated set of winters. I ordered a set of 19x8 Monte Titano’s in dark silver with a set of 255/40R19 Yokohama Ice Guards.

The torque specs for S550 Mustang wheels is 150lb - wow, quite the torque spec. My wimpy old torque wrench didn’t go to 150, so it was off to AutoZone to get a bigly wrench that would do up to 250lbs. It’s just money, right?

I did learn that if I had a flat and needed to remove a wheel, 150lbs is a lot to undo, especially with the stock little spare tire wrench. I may go to Home Depot and pick up a 2' pipe to keep in the trunk as a breaker bar (and Zombie Apocalypse weapon - you never know!)


I also forgot to order the TPMS reset tool. So now I need to order one of those. It’s just money, right?

Potato pics for your viewing pleasure.

P.S.I want a set of Steeda springs and shocks to improve the handling and give it a better stance. The stock non-performance pack ride is a bit soft. It’s just money, right?

P.P.S. Yes, it’s dirty and needs a wash




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