Leaning towards these right now. They seem to have very good reviews while also being reasonable priced., plus a 70$ rebate.

Hey yall I need some help finding winter tires, seems like the market has disappeared. My E34 530 to 540i swap is nearing completion and so I’m starting to look for some winter tires to use for it as it will be my main daily. (The clownshoe will be parked for some much needed TLC, maintenance, and to install the headers and upgraded intake manifold I’ve had sitting in my garage for months)

I was hoping to use the stock tire size for my snowflake wheels which is a 225/60r15 but I cant find a single winter tire in that size. Does anyone know of anywhere to find such a thing, maybe I haveg to go outside the North American market? I would also be okay if it was a downsized tire as long as it still worked properly and fit the rim but I’m not really sure what sizes work. I appreciate any assistance or ideas

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