So, I've never actually purchased winter tires before, but with my wife driving quite a bit for work and school I figured I should bite the bullet and do it.

My plan is to buy a set of steelies and put some winter tires on there, but where to start?

1. The car in question is a 2011 Fiesta (manual!), so I'll need to buy 4 TPMS sensors? Does it matter what kind? OE? Aftermarket? I have no clue about those things or how they work...

2. How long do the tires generally last? What ramifications of driving on them when its just cold, but not snowy/icy (or if it warms up for a day or two)? I live in central Kansas, so some years we get no snow at all, and some years we get such terrible ice storms that I have to go outside to worship our house generator for keeping us alive..

3. Any specific recommended tires or things that I need to look for in a good winter tire?


Thanks in advance!