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I'll be putting winter tires on my Golf shortly and the two tires above are my most likely candidates. I know there are people here with the Bridgestones and the Michelins are supposedly excellent and accordingpy popular so there must be some of those here as well. As such, what is your opinion on them and does anyone have experience with both?


Based on the appearance of the tread patterns, I feel like the Blizzaks will deal better with snow accumulation, slush and wet weather (because bigger channels between lugs) while the X-ices would be superior on fuel economy, dry and ice grip (because tighter spacing on treadblocks for less rolling resistance, less movement for handling and more sipes). Conversely, the bigger lugs/spacing would negativepy affect dry/ice grip and fuel economy of the Bridgestone compared to the Michelin, which wouldnt be able to divert as much water/slush/snow with it's tighter treads. What little I've read on the interwebs about each seams to jive with that. Thoughts?

Mk7 Golf pre-production winter testing because it seemed relevant.

Reposted for the morning crowd in the hopes of some more feedback. Thanks.


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