I had my 10,000 mile service done on the GTI. This included rotating the tires, which on the GTI means fronts go to the back. The inspection report I was given shows the rears at 6/32, and the fronts at 9/32. I was trying to figure out why the rears were so low, when I was sure I had abused the fronts.

Then I realized that the report must have been from AFTER the rotation, and those were the fronts that I had abused.


I was going to ask if Oppos knew of a way that a front-drive car could wear the rears quicker than the fronts. Heh-heh. Duh.

I thought Oppo might find that amusing. Anyway . . . . . .

Looks like I’m well on my way to replacing the Bridgestone Potenza all seasons. In the dozen years I have lived in the Piedmont of the Carolinas my vehicles have run all-seasons year-round. But I feel like this car would benefit from summer tires when I replace the ones that came with it.

I’m not sure that I can get away with summers year-round in the Charlotte area, but I also don’t think that winter tires are necessarily warranted here, and it seems silly to have a set of summers and a set of all-seasons. It does get fairly cold in January/February, but almost never snows, and only ices up four or five times a winter on average.

Any Oppo-pinions on that?

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