I effectively make zero dollars if I can’t get to a job site. I lost a lot of money for the two plus weeks of ....

Snowpocaloggedon ™!!!!

last year, and I basically couldn’t leave my driveway, though I did shovel it daily so my wife could get to work.


This year, I’m not interested in leaving money on the table.

The problem is: an actual winter vehicle sadly is not in the cards. But you know what’s probably much cheaper and better than nothing? Tires!

But I’ve never bought winter tires in my life... It goes with not having real winters here since 2002. So I’m thinking about all these conceivable routes.

Do I....

a) Use the wheels on the car and have a tire shop swap on winters

b) Buy more disposable wheels (steelies on a Lexus? me gusta) with snow tires

c) buy another set of used factory wheels just for snow tires

d) second set of wheels, have a shop mount tires, but keep them at home and only swap on if necessary (but what about balancing? :[ )


I bring up b) because there is a pitiful amount of sidewall for this car, because it’s supposed to be sporty and handle and whatever. I’m just wondering how great the thin sidewall and wide wheels will handle the amount of shit and hills I may have to deal with.

TLDR; I don’t know what I’m doing dot pee en gee. You scoffings are encouraged.

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