Wife’s 2016 Outback has stock tire size of 225/65/17. I have a set of Michelin X-Ice snow tires we bought when we had a Crosstrek that are 225/55/17. Do you guys see any issue with putting these tires on the Outback for the winter?


Picture of 3 red wagons (?) for your time. Subaru is the car in question here…I took the picture mainly because of the super rad double-rear-wipered Camry wagon (inside had leather seats, and wheels on it are off a Buick).

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 I called the local tire shop and made an appointment – they said technically they will do it (yay guys, thanks for agreeing to take my money!) but warned that it is a drastic difference and will affect handling characteristics.

Does Oppo think this is something to be concerned about? Would you go ahead with the swap instead of sticking with factory all season rubber?

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