It's getting to be that time of year up in the Northeast where it's almost 100 deg. in September but snow is only 7 weeks away... must be fall, and time to start thinking about winter tires.

Thinking about replacing the beat up stock rims on my '96 Jeep Cherokee with a set of better wheels and wondering about going with all terrain (AT) tires vs snow tires. I don't really do any off-roading in the XJ but might want to in the future. I do a lot of highway driving. I live on top of a insane hill in Worcester, MA that makes Subarus slide sideways (no lie). We regularly get 8" of snow in Jan/Feb. I've always had decent luck with standard winter tires like the Firestone Winterforce but was wondering how much snow/ice traction I'd sacrifice going with an AT tire?

I feel like one of those goddamn stupid tirerack commericals right now. You know, dude climbs a mountain to ask a buddhist monk about tires, etc..