My Abarth came (used) with Sparcos, which aren’t in fantastic shape. Some curb rash from before purchase and some from me trying to avoid an oblivious driver, some scrapes from having the current tires mounted, plus one of them isn’t as round as it ought to be any more (but apparently not enough that the shop thought it needed repaired or replaced). I’m debating what to do for snow tires. I can either:

Get snow tires for these 17in wheels and just swap tires back and forth, living with a crappy and increasingly damaged set of wheels for the foreseeable future,


Get snow tires for these and consider them beater wheels from now on, buying different ones for summer tires, or

Get a (hopefully used) set of probably 16in wheels and put snow tires on those and try to repair the ones I already have before summer.


Also part of the equation is that, from preliminary research, I have only one option for snow tires per size. So, 17in wheels can have Blizzaks, 16 would get Pirellis. There are probably other tire options that I haven’t looked into, but those are the suggested choices. What would you guys do?

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