This is my second winter with the car. So far, I’ve made it through two snowstorms this year and have only gotten stuck once. I was able to back down from an incline and cheat my way through the intersection with some momentum lol.

Just recently before the 2nd one hit, I added 120lbs of weight in the back with sandbags and that seemed to have helped a lot:

Anyways, I just cleaned er’ up today and have noticed 3 areas of concern:

One is a heavy scratch caused by something in the lower part of the passenger door that now has a bit of corrosion starting. The second is a bit of surface rust starting behind a plastic cap (presumably hiding a bolt) in the B pillar on the passenger side as well.


The third concern is the paint being chipped and peeling away from the lower valences around the car. This spring, I think I might be lazy and pay someone to heavily detail the exterior and perform some paint correction.