Alternate title: winterlegacy is lazy and waits 3-5 days to get around to posting something worthwhile

So a couple of days ago, it was warm enough that I finally had an excuse to take the old girl to the local pay n’ spray wash. It’s not #Svending by any means, but when you live the broke college student life, the simple “power wash all the dirt and grime off” is enough to make me happy.

Count how many dings and dents this car has for a grand prize of absolutely nothing!

Of course, since it’s mud season, it got dusty within a few days, but at this point I don’t care enough to either take it to someone to have it detailed for me, or take the time to do it myself with whatever I can find.

Of course, since the clouds decided to dump some slush a few days beforehand, the 90s computers inside the black box that is the engine management unit decided it was time to complain about the abysmal weather with my favorite light of all time: the CEL.


Of course, this isn’t new - even with a fresh sensor this code always comes on at some point. It’s a case of “clear it and move on” and pretend absolutely nothing is wrong at all.

winterlegacy thoughts: “What if my needle was illuminated?”

Progress update: still turning the odometer. I was a bit late to the draw with the camera, but I caught the odometer cranking 227,000 miles. I think I can safely say this Legacy is one of the finer high mileage examples that lives in New England... if you consider mismatched rims, a frankenstein assembly of an exhaust, and dents everywhere a fine example.


I’ve got lots of seals and electrical things to do to this car. At least decent seals are dirt cheap. 10w30 isn’t cheap when you start having to feed it half a quart every so often. Bright side: I guess my oil changes itself, sorta kinda? You gotta look at the positives!