Brought to you by the 1980s and college life.

Starting off with this surprisingly well kept Citation:

[citation needed]

This modified Forester - looks okay-ish, sounds like crap, still has studded snows.

but why tho?

I can’t remember this one for the life of me, sorry Oppo - I think it might be a Caprice...

It’s a bigly 80s sedan from GM though, so there’s that

A Chrysler New Yorker Plymouth Acclaim, of all the things, with the eye-murdering cranberry interior, and just as cranberry with the exterior. It’s too early for it to be Thanksgiving already...


This bigly F150, which yours truly considered buying a F150 of this vintage with the base inline 6 and a stick shift... probably not one of the wisest thoughts.


A trusty rusty F100 pickup, and yes, those are stacks coming out of it:


And a Disco for our resident Land Rover fans.


Bonus points if you’ve made it here: an eggshell Prius on a flatbed, savagely mauled.

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