So, Saturday night I was bored and needed to get out of the house in the “blizzard” (meteorologically speaking, it never reached blizzard status). Since Walmart was open (apparently they NEVER close) I went there as I had a few odds and ends I needed.

On the way there, my wiper blade was giving me trouble and not cleaning a significant section of the windshield efficiently. When I got to the parking lot, I got out of the car and started to fiddle with the blades and the blade broke off in my hand (I put the blade on about 6 weeks ago). So, I got a cheap replacement Supertech blade ($3.88) at Walmart and installed that.


Know what the worst part is? This blade is far superior in window cleaning ability to the Goodyear Assurance blades I’ve been using. Maybe the quality on the Assurance blades has really gone downhill lately? I dunno, I haven’t been enthralled with the last few sets I’ve bought (BOGO occasionally at Costco), and might now switch to the ultra-cheap Supertechs instead. Moral of the story? Sometimes cheap wiper blades can be pretty decent.

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