yesterday I had freed the EX’s harness, today I began putting it into the VX’s body.

The red car now has TWO harnesses, both half connected. I am, where possible, connecting the new harness as I disconnect the old. So the stopping point for last night was the right half of the car has the new harness (visible as a slightly cleaner/darker black) and the left half has the old


the hatchback differs slightly from the coupe in that the rear speakers are before the large rear harness connector, so I had to take disconnect them. Now, I always planned on upgrading the speakers, but I was assuming that most of the non-function of them was down to the wiring (when the headunit was jiggled various speakers would activate), but it would appear I had both wiring AND aged speaker issues

wiring overall sucks. its not hard, just time consuming. and you sit in awkward positions, and the tips of your fingers get tired. So I took a break, folded the laundry, and mowed the lawn.

Pissed this guy off, who did NOT enjoy my mowing his grass home



  • the horn connector broke. meh, I just used the plug and horn from the other car.
  • the VX has 4 plugs connecting the dash harness to the engine harness, the EX only had three... gorsh. that’s probably gonna be a massive hassle. Or maybe just VTEC wont work. Or maybe I’ve just forced my engine swap timeline up to this week when I dont have time isntead of some other time.
  • And the aforementioned speaker wiring difference which shouldn’t matter in the long run as I plan to upgrade all the stereo components. But for the time being may mean no rear speakers.

That is all. I’m losing energy on this project this week. And if it doesn’t start on Sunday I may invent some new swear words.

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