with my toy car as my daily I am forced to spread my efforts out, and having a spare car this week I continued on my power features swap (passenger side already done)

Let’s kick things off with a good summary image of my night :S

there’s simply no room to get the new wiring loom from under the dash through the pillar and into the door without removing the door. Having struggled on the passenger side by supporting the door from below, for the driver’s side I attached it to the garage’s roof beams. Far better

And far easier to rehang the door on its hinges with this method. A little fiddling later and I had it aligned correctly.


So why? If you haven’t been reading the #RuqSaq saga, I am swapping components from an EX civic to my VX model because I want the better engine, some basic power features (power windows, locks, mirrors, cruise control, etc.).

So far I’ve swapped the entire under dash and chassis harness, and the ongoing project this week is to finish loading the doors with power goodies. Having already done the passenger side the driver’s side was going smoothly. Here I’m part way through the rebuild, the locks are in place, power (see that wiring plug) and now the door key matches the ignitiion (Added bonus).


aaaaaaand here’s where I ended the night.

All wiring in place, window glass realigned (which is tricky in power windows with no power (not the shonky jumper cable to small wires attached to a car battery sitting on the floor)) but... nothing worked when tried with the buttons.


Fuses are all good, eveyrthing worked before removed from the black donor car, everything works when tested with a battery. So it has to be a wiring issue. I’ll place money on it being the large loom that is in the door jam and thus will require removing the door again :S

Frustrating. But to please myself I put in my newly arrived driver’s seat.


I think the blue/black ties in well with the black/blue of the swapped in integra seats.

It’s not isntalled. I have a Corbeau seat base bolted in place, and needed to sit the seat on top to decide where I wanted it to sit before I bolted it all together.

pupper tax. with no kids on our daily walks (family are out of town spring breaking) I’ve been taking longer walks. This is exactly half way around the lake, as far from home as possible, when Zoe declared she was done with our walk