My second day of winter break involved the dentist office to get my lone remaining wisdom tooth removed. For reasons related to my bite at the time, my two wisdom teeth weren’t removed when I was kid, but my last cleaning revealed that the lone remaining one was now starting to cause problems. It also had a small cavity forming, because I have small mouth and it was so far back that I couldn’t get a toothbrush on most of that tooth.

Because I tolerate pain and dental work pretty well, I was able to forego the usual trip to oral surgeon and just have the extraction done in the office. My dentist and I choose to have a new, young female dentist in the practice do it because she has small hands and tiny fingers, and I have a small mouth. Many local anesthetic injunctions later, I was numb and the tooth came out. The sounds of it coming out that you hear in your head are always interesting. One stitch later I was on my out the door with a scrpit for narcotics.

My mouth felt pretty good for most of the day with not more than 200mg of Ibuprofen taken, but it started to get pretty sore this evening. I try to avoid narcotic pain killers because I dislike the loopy feeling. However, broke down and took one before bed in the expectation that I’ll sleep well.


The timing of this worked well in general, but it means I have to skip a lot of the holiday goodies and I’m supposed to avoid alcohol for a couple of days. I can feel the hydrocodone kicking in, which means I might have more interesting replies to questions.

Have a blackbird for your time:

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