A Jetstream 32 like the type I flew the last four years

None of you know me, I’m not a regular poster but I’ve been lurking for a few years. I always like to see the nice advice, tips and comments people give to random strangers here so I thought I’d get some myself.

I’m a pilot and for the last four years I’ve been flying a 19-seat twin turboprop. Unfortunately the company I was working for went to shit and I quit before it took me down with it. I’m in Europe and the job market for pilots here is quite toxic. Companies do not value the experience on sub-10.000kg aircraft, so my four years of manhandling a non-automated beast of a plane through hot summers and extreme winters above the Arctic Circle count for nothing.

Which was why I was surprised to get two offers within a week of quitting. One is for command (becoming a captain instead of copilot) on the same type of aircraft, the other is for a copilot job with a fairly fast track to command on a CRJ-700/900 jet (a family of regional jets for 70-90 passengers).

A CRJ-900NG, the same type I will hopefully be flying soon


An old mantra for pilots used to be “never say no to command” but since the captain job would be on a pretty useless type I am aiming for the jet job. And I’m going for a simulator check today. If that goes well I am pretty sure of getting the job based on signals from that company. And after flying a small turboprop without autopilot for years, I do not fear a simulator check.

Still, every little bit helps so wish me luck!