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Wish me luck (Update)

I’m trying to start a car club at my small (>5,000 students) university. I already did a bit of feeling around, and I think there might be just enough student interest for this to get off the ground. I thought finding a professor to sponsor the club would be hard (it’s required), but after talking to my advisor, it turns out that one of the professors in my major owns this ‘73 Porsche. I just had a quick email conversation with him, and he seems like he’s down. Gonna go meet him in person tomorrow. Hopefully this goes well!

Update: I went to meed with him a little after noon, I actually bumped into him outside his office and he told me to drop my backpack in the office so we could take the old 911 for a ride. It’s a special car, to be sure. He gave it the beans going down an onramp, and I have to say that the flat six in that car absolutely sings. We drove around for a bit, then when back to his office, the whole time talking cars. He picked the 911 up for about ten grand (!) years ago and has been slowly restoring it ever since. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great driver. He’s a member of the local Porsche club chapter, so needless to say he was happy to volunteer as a sponsor for the club I’m trying to start. So yeah, you could say that went well.

Pictured: My friend’s dad’s ‘73 911T, which he sold in 2014 to buy an F-Type R Coupe. Oh well.

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