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The car looks like this, but not at all this clean and shiny. I’m just hoping for tires that hold air and an engine that stays cool
Image: gtcarlot

I’m driving my sister’s 2006 WRX wagon up to my place from hers tomorrow morning. It’s about 120 miles, mostly highway. The car hasn’t been run much in several months, but she says it starts up and drives around the block just fine. It was driven to MA from FL a little over a year ago, then driven very little since, as it failed MA inspection.

I’m planning to check:

  • oil
  • coolant
  • tires - pressure, tread, any cracks...
  • air filter - any critters make a home in there?
  • a/c - it’s going to be HOT and it would be worth a stop for a “quick recharge” if needed
  • important lights (blinkers, brakes - this will only be daytime)
  • wipers (although I don’t expect any rain. Just lots and lots of hot sun)
  • brakes - visual inspection, short test drive
  • OBDII scan for codes

What else should I look at before I hit the road? At worst, I have 100-mile AAA, so all I have to do is make it 20 miles and I can get a flatbed the rest of the way... worst case. It is supposed to be 90F tomorrow, so that’s special.


Then I need to figure out what’s wrong with the car that caused it to fail MA inspection, and see if it will pass in NH. Then either fix it to sell, or sell it as-is.

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