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Wish Me Luck: Exocet and Quick Life Update

CHP VIN Verification is tomorrow for the Exocet. My fingers are crossed that all goes well. When I pulled into the driveway the other day after a long drive, the directionals had stopped working. I set it aside to debug later and now they work. Ugh. Here’s to hoping that they work great until after I leave the CHP lot.

The driver’s rear brake light has also mysteriously shattered. No idea how. I’ve patched it up with epoxy (they work fine outside of a small short which I fixed tonight) so again - fingers crossed.

Yesterday I met with what will be my first client for my Marketing & PR consultancy. I’m pretty thrilled at the prospect of not having unemployment drag on and on. I need to follow up with some other contacts as I think there’s a good amount of business in my extended network that can benefit from similar arrangements.


The CEO of the company that set me free also wrote and unsolicited recommendation on my LinkedIn, which was nice of him to do. I’m trying not to harbor any ill will, though it’s really tough when you were let go a couple months after getting a $65k/yr promotion but before any of the money actually hit the bank account. I imagine that will forever chap my balls.

I’m dead set on hitting the amount of money that I had coming, and then some, one way or another with minimal delay. My time and expertise are worth it.

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