Wish me luck Oppo

I’ve lately I’ve felt a little stagnated in my current job, I’ve got nothing to complain about as I’m a Senior Systems Engineer at a good company with good pay and benefits but have been uninspired lately.

A few weeks ago I applied for an internal job that would be a big bump in responsibility and title (Enterprise Architect) and my first interview is tomorrow afternoon.

Ill be interviewing with people I already know but am nervous as hell because I know there are several other awesome internal candidates. I’m a solid one and have a different experience set than them so I’ve got decent odds.


Rental Camry from a Colorado trip in June and amazing sunset for your time.

PS - I’m in love with Colorado and will be sneaking back there this weekend to blow off steam and catch a concert. It’s my birthday Wednesday so my wife says I get to do stupid stuff this week.

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