Two camshafts are ready to go and get reground now.

This is the one that’s getting a mild upgrade.

For the geeks..

.365 lift, 244° @ .040 intake

.375 lift, 250° @ .040 exhaust

Stock is

.313 lift, 221° @ .040 intake

.303 lift, 221° @ .040 exhaust.

I have a wrecked cam and head that a certain company will regrind and convert to roller bearings .

This may be where my Big Bore money goes. A roller cam for these is a bit different than in a car. This conversion only changes the bearing surfaces to a roller. The grind can be sexy too though. .405 @ 221°?


Long story short. (I KNOW!) 

Instead of doing a 500cc big bore I can get the same power with quicker revs by farting around with compression and camshafts!