I have a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2. You may remember it from Lenovo’s stupid commercials where they imply that Ashton Kutcher designed the thing. It was giving me some weird problems that I thought might lead to needing warranty service. But no, it just needed a factory reset!

My tablet has been working totally fine since I got it. There’s nothing particularly fancy about its specs or screen, but it does what I ask of it, the battery lasts a long time, and the silly built-in kickstand is actually pretty useful!

Things went a little screwy when I started using a microSD card a couple months after I bought the tablet. The tablet kept losing connection with the card. I’d get “SD card removed unexpectedly, please make sure to unmount SD card before removing to avoid data loss” notifications all the time. I’d have to flip down the kickstand that Mr. Kutcher is demonstrating above to access the little cover over the microSD card slot, and try a few times to re-insert the card so the tablet would actually recognize it.


Sometimes the card would stay connected for a good long while, other times it would disappear from being recognized a only a few minutes later. It was totally random but eventually, I’d get the dreaded,

SD card removed unexpectedly, please make sure to unmount SD card before removing to avoid data loss


This was really annoying! I started thinking there was something physically wrong with the card slot and I’d have to get Lenovo to fix it. Then, for some reason the wifi stopped working.

I went to Lenovo’s support site to see about warranty service. Then I thought, “when I contact Lenovo, they’re probably going to make me do a factory reset.” So I did. Not even the kind where you do some weird sequence of button pressing to access the recovery menu, just the plain old one Android settings menu “reset tablet” option.


After the reset, I quickly re-downloaded all my apps, which is a painless process since Google Play keeps track of all these things. BOTH OF MY PROBLEMS DISAPPEARED. The microSD card works totally fine. The wifi works totally fine. My tablet is once again fully functional and not giving random glitches. I have no idea how these problems developed in the first place, but hey, at least there was an easy fix.

So remember folks, if you have an Android device that has random inexplicable problems, back up your data and try a factory reset. It’s easy. Because like when you call the cable company to reset your modem and they make you unplug and re-plug it, it’s probably the first thing tech support will have you do anyway.