A few weeks ago I picked up this cheapest-of-the-cheap jump starter box. I used it to help a friend the very same day I bought the thing. Last night, I helped someone out again. Might as well spread the vehicular good karma around if I can.

I had gone out to Walmart to return a couple things and pick up a new string of Christmas tree lights, because when my gf and I went to decorate the tree last night, one of the light strings was dead.

On my way home, I decided to take my Jeep to the gas station for a quick wash in order to clean off the mass quantities of bird shit it had accumulated a few nights ago when I parked it on my driveway under a tree. Who knew so many birds would be hanging out on that tree in Wisconsin in December?


Now, pretty much every gas station car wash lets you just pay at the little control box. But this gas station car wash control box doesn't take cards and its bill reader never works, so you have to go inside to pay for a wash.

I went in, and the clerk was looking very upset, and she had her daughter there. While I paid for my wash, she said she just wished she could get her car started, and sounded pretty desperate.


I told her I had both a jump start box and jumper cables, and I'd be happy to help her out. She gave me her keys (people in Wisconsin are sometimes a little too trusting) and I hooked up the jump box to her battery. She then came out to the car, and we got it started on the second try.

I told her to keep it running to charge the battery back up, she let out a huge sigh of relief, and I ran the Jeep through the wash.


Moral of the story is, it's nice to be nice.