When I commit to dealing with your fluids, you’re a keeper.

I only have two reasons to get rid of the Taco:

  • Financial disaster
  • Totaled beyond realistic repair

That’s it. It isn’t that it’s a special vehicle. It just fits, wears well, and does exactly what I ask of it. A few years after it is paid off, I may venture into sport sedan territory. Of my 26 or so previous vehicles, I have never owned a sedan. And after 26 or so vehicles, I’ve finally found one to keep.


The valve is a Fumoto F103SX. One of my least favorite things about dealing with automotive fluids is dealing with automotive fluids. This makes it less annoying. Granted engine oil isn’t the worst offender (brake fluid, that nice squeaky feeling!) but it’s on the list of fluids probably dealt with most often.