Reading Margin Of Error's MD-80 story today, I realized that there are parallels between classic cars and even commercial planes. It's interesting that the planes are kept going for so long—even though it would be cost prohibitive otherwise—and pilots appreciate involvement and analog character as much as us bandwagon-hopping morons who think that cars should be "engaging." (Pfft, is that even an adjective? Typical Jalopnik comment. I should totally stay and bask in my cynicism instead of going over to

(A 727 freighter. The noise would be unreal compared to a new passenger jet!)

Anyways, the last DC-9 was retired in January. I might have been in one once, but I wouldn't have cared to find out. It's neat that Delta decided to restore all of the ancient-technology DC-9s instead of buying new 737s a while back. I'd still like to ride in some noisy, small, RMR derivative of the venerable Douglas while I have the chance, before the planes sitting at the gates go the way of the cars in most garages. Even as someone who's mildly intrigued by aviation for a few days every year, it would be a missed opportunity to not have done so looking back when everything's a 787.