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Since I turned in the leased BMW I’ve been without a manual transmission. I enjoy my Suburban, but having no clutch pedal in my life is giving me major withdrawal.

Ultimately I want to find an E24 or E28 BMW to drive and wrench on, but I really don’t have time on the weekends to search for one outside Houston. Surprisingly there are very few that pop up on CL in the Houston metro area.


So my conundrum is - continue to just wait, or buy something now that will be fun for a while? If I try to find something now just to have a little fun with, I would want something that has very little financial downside - so simple to work on, plentiful parts, and won’t lose much value if I have it for 3 months or 2 years.

I’ll drive it evenings and weekends, if it is reliable enough maybe to work once a week. Just enough to soothe the withdrawal symptoms.

(Two wheels is not an option with the wife, even though I have the license for it.)

If I keep it to $5k or less my wife won’t say anything, moving above that and we might have to actually discuss.


I know the answer is always Miata, which I’m not opposed to. If that is the answer, what year / mileage / option range should I look for to meet the above criteria?

Other suggestions?

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