I was walking along a street just outside my dorm, when an orange 350Z followed a white Highlander out of a parking lot in front of me. The girl driving the Highlander slowed down for a traffic jam in front of her, and the guy driving the Z apparently didn't notice and just slammed right into her. Pretty significant damage on both cars, too: the Highlander's rear bumper tore off as she pulled forward to get down from the Z, which was sitting in a cloud of steam and, as far as what I could see, it will need every single front body panel replaced, but the hood got the worst of it. The radiator was obviously toast, and it needed to be towed directly from the street, so I'd assume there was more engine damage I couldn't see. I'm really surprised that neither airbag went off, since it must have been at least a 20mph impact while accelerating. No skidmarks or anything. I would have stuck around to give my take as a witness, but the lack of tire marks should make it apparent to anyone that the 350Z made no effort to stop and the driver was distracted. Also, out of five or so witnesses, I was the only one to actually ask if everyone was okay. One girl whipped out her phone to take a picture and then walked away.

Anyway, the girl in the Highlander was very shaken up and the guy in the Z looked overwhelmed with worry, which is totally understandable since he may have lost both his car and his license, and on top of that there's the initial "oh my god what if I just killed somebody" feeling. But other than that, both were out and walking within seconds, so hopefully things turned out okay.