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Witnessed a Serious Accident tonight

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Damn people need to learn how to stop for a red light. I was on the other side of the intersection. When I started to go I saw the old green Outback not slowing down for the red light. I stopped and blew my horn, but she didn’t even brake. The guys in the Volvo C70 (with their dog) didn’t even see her coming. They probably got T-boned at about 45. Luckily nobody seemed to be injured, my guess is due to the many safety features on the Volvo. I was quite shocked that nobody else stopped to render assistance. I immediately pulled off to the side and ran over to check on them, and to call 911. I ended up staying at the scene for about 15 mins to give a statement to an officer so that the guys in the Volvo wouldn’t be having too much trouble fighting with the red light runner’s insurance. Btw, the driver of the Outback seemed super stoned.


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