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Witnessed some seriois road rage; stay safe out there everybody

I was coming home from my office, for reference its a 4 lane road that turns into a 2 lane road by the hill. As I come up to the hill the lanes merge and I check my mirrors as always, all i see is an Armada about 1.5 car lengths behind me. A split second later I see this little corolla trying to muscle his way in at the last second, but the Nissan doesn’t give ground. At this point its a 2 lane road, the corolla decides to go on the opposite lane and pulls along side the Armada, meanwhile I’m still seeing all this in my mirrors and then spot a car coming down the hill into this moron. I lay on the horn, the car coming down the hill narrowly misses this dumb ass, the corolla floors it, almost clips the Nissan and falls in line then promptly brake checks the Armada. At this point, I slowed down to get a look at his plate and call the cops. I tell them whats going on, meanwhile the corolla has slowed to say ~30mph, I come to a light some 250 feet ahead, make a turn, he FLIES by me with the Armada right on his ass.

I really hope theres a cop on that road who can intervene before it gets any worse. 


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