WK2 Workhorse Will Retire a Sworn Warhorse

This WK2 has been exceptional. The plan is still to have it go one more year of workhorse duty before retiring it to the easy life of a sidecar. Of course I’m assuming this story continues without a severe papercut and finding out we are both hemophiliacs (which is one of those words that sounds sexy but isn’t). My train of thought has more tracks and stations than any album on the radio.

Let me mention as I always do that the WK2 will have been in my ownership for three years and some change by December of next year. Here’s somethjng to think about, I planned to take a car from 34,000 miles to 172,000 miles in just over three years while paying it off over that same 39-ish months of work use. Now get this, after weeks of research and weighing my options I decided a Jeep was the cheapest and least risky move I could make for my needs. So far I’ve placed over 90,000 of my own miles on the WK2 and haven’t had any issues.


I’m crazy but confident which means I’m eccentric.

Some of you may not know this but I plan on getting a Stinger GT and I can’t believe you’re midway through a sarcastic gasp right now. Let me finish!! I plan on getting a Stinger NOT next year but in 2019 or 2020 (or maybe as soon as next year) to use as my new work vehicle. Yes, I would honestly plan on racking up 100,000 miles on my dream car over 2.5 years.

You all have no idea how ideal this car is for me. When I say that the Stinger fills in every single box I’m saying that scantron is no longer academically valid. It looks like a Connect-the-Dots forming a picture of a brick wall, it’s that perfect for me. Like Kia raided my diary, read through the awkward early love letters to Eliza Dushku to find the one page where I describe precisely in my technicolor speech what my dream daily driver would be.


Now if Porsche could make a 911 Spyder then my diary dream garage would be halfway into existence.

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